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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Why do I need Data Analytics?
  2. Question 2, Is my business is too small to afford a data science team?
  3. Question 3, If my company uses excel software for analytics, why would we need Data Conscience Solutions?
  4. Question 4, Can we rent your team of data scientists?
  5. Question 5, Is my business valuable to being hacked?

Answer 1:

Data Analytics provides a deeper understanding of customer spending behaviors and support evolving consumer preference in real time with actionable data. Data Analytics can enable business to derive more value from loyalty programs and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Answer 2:

Our small team located in Missoula, MT understands the value of creating a solution that doesn’t break the bank. We take away $150 to $250 per hour fees charged by larger data science companies and replace them with lower negotiable rates depending on the project.

Answer 3:

Data Conscience Solutions LLC offers custom solutions for every client. Our focus is on small businesses, nonprofit, tribal, and casino industries. We have over 13 years’ experience in these industries. We use advanced statistical methodologies to find deep insights into your unique problem. Box software solutions are limited to what they can do. Our Solutions are tailored to your business using dashboards that can monitored either by staff or by Data Conscience Solutions LLC. Another advantage of using Data Conscience Solutions LLC is that we can perform a market analysis and/or perform a survey to gather original data. We will not quit until your optimal solution is found.

Answer 4:

There are two solutions that Data Conscience Solutions LLC can offer from renting our team or staff training. Renting our staff is possible anywhere in the United States, as we can work remotely from patching into your network or you can send us your data to analyze with weekly to monthly reports. We can charge hourly rates or fixed rates.

We offer trainings via webcasts or in person trainings for employees. We offer introductory courses to advanced trainings in data analytics and data security. Having a data analytical staff will help in furthering the health of your business.

Answer 5:

Cyber Crime is projected to cost 2 trillion by 2019. No business is safe, Data Conscience Solutions LLC offers vulnerability and penetration testing for your IT structure. The second phase of the testing is implementing security protocols because data is the new gold of the 21st century in terms of value to companies.