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Data analysis service

  • Business intelligence visualization tools that tell your data story
  • Next-generation analytics to find deep insights for your business
  • Primary and Secondary data collection

Data consulting service

  • Centralized metadata strategies
  • Quality assurance (QA) processes
  • Customized data modeling services
  • Business transformation through next-generation analytics

Personalized Trainings

  • Data management
  • Data Analysis using open source software
  • Data Security Operations and vulnerabilities
  • Customized trainings

Data Security Solutions

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Penetration testing

Telling your Story to the World

Data Conscience Solutions LLC offers every client a customized team of data scientists. Depending on the problem, Data Conscience Solutions can scale up or down using our team of data scientists. This flexibility allows us to do the work in house while charging low rates. Another unique value is that the code is completed in open source software such as Python or R that saves you dollars in terms of charging you for expensive closed software. We take the hassle off your business of having to hire an expensive data science team. We work directly with your management and staff in finding solutions. Our explanations and reports are easy to read for any end user because delivering the maximum experience is a priority for us. Making your business successful is our most important goal. Why should only big business have data science teams, let Data Conscience Solutions be your data science team.

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Questions you may have!

Why do I need Data Analytics?

Is my business is too small to afford a data science team?

If my company uses excel software for analytics, why would we need Data Conscience Solutions?

Can we rent your team of data scientists?

WHO ARE WE  Mission Statement

We believe in creating a family atmosphere focused on finding the right solution for you. Understanding that at the end of the day, our client’s success is the number one goal. We are a small team that includes multiple consultants for personalization to every client. The mission of Data Conscience Solutions LLC is to offer affordable data analytical services that does not exclude anyone or any business type. Every year Data Conscience Solutions will donate time to Pro Bono projects that otherwise would have never been able to afford data consulting services. We are built on community values and this shows in the quality of our work.